Programming Guide to becoming an expert Part 1 by 10 year old

What is in a computer? A computer is made up of 2 main parts. The cpu and memory. Inside the cpu is a very important register called the pc. The cpu runs in cycles. It looks at the pc and puts the number in. The cpu gets each number from the memory and it runs it. Everything is writen in numbers. When it runs, it puts +1. no-op is when you tell the computer to do nothing. Input devices are any thing that gives data to the computer like the mouse and the key board. Primary storage is RAM and secondary storage is hard disk. Hard disk is very slow but RAM is fast. They put hard disk also because if the RAM runs out of storage, the hard disk is full. Hard disk-ram-dma. For the moniter, -red green blue- the moniter looks 60 times per second. If you write those colors it will show them on the screen. If you show a picture and than change it slightly, it will turn into a movie. A movie might take long to load because each picture has 4 million dots and each dot needs 1 bit. That means 4 million bits! 1 million bits = 1 mega bit.That =  4 mega bits. That means 24 mega bits sending per second! This is just out put there is also input and so many other things happening at the same time. You will be surprised how much happens in a second. Did you know that a video is just very fast pictures. If you are watching netflix, and the wireles network says i don’t have any more pictures, it will say ok and will show a small circle going round and round. Anyway every thing on your screen is in one chip. If you destroy it, your computer won’t work. The cpu tells it what to show because it does not know anything. The whole computer is just programs and data. A virus is a program that does bad things. It can burn down a cpu and can do other bad things. Basicaly the virus guy will some how get a program on to your computer usually with free games that children like to play. People make viruses because they can make a lot of money with your data. See ya. Bye!

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