How to Blog about how to Blog …

Bloggers who tell you how to blog get more hits than bloggers how actually blog. But then who will actually blog if everyone teaches others about how to blog. Anyway when you blog you have to get people’s attention but to do that you have to get their attention. Wait did I already say that? O.k. it’s getting annoying. So when you want to blog do not be serious. Try to make some jokes in the middle and also make it exciting. While you are making it exciting try to put in some good content too. Try to pick a topic you think will get a lot of hits but no one ever heard of it. The people who started making things that were popular in 2018 thought of things that would be pop and up to date. Also add in pictures or anything like that to make it more exciting. Do not put things that only you like. You will be awesome!

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