Snap chat vs Instagram

Snap chat,Instagram,Twitter, and Facebook have been really popular these days. I picked Snap chat and Instagram and i’m going to compare them. Instagram is bad for your health! In Snap chat you can’t erase but if you need to you’ll have to click the Undo button which erases completely everything but in Instagram there is an erase button! Snap chat has glasses which have cameras on the sides and it connects to snap chat. It uses 36 D which means if you tilt your phone or move it in circles the frame will not change! Instagram doesn’t have any product that works directly with their app yet. In Snap chat there is only one block of text and in a specific area but in Instagram you can change the size, the color, the area of your text and more! In Instagram you are always worried about how many followers you have because if some looks at your Instagram stories and you don’t have followers but your content is good then no one will read it looking at your followers but in Snap chat only you can see how many followers you have! It makes a difference! So I think you should use both!


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