Story by Saanvi Peri 11 yrs old



I woke up this morning and was surprised to see a pile of ice cream nice and fresh (with of course LOTS of sprinkles on top mm my favorite!) sitting next to my bed. I was wondering if it was my birthday but that couldn’t be because that was a month ago – wait two months ago – wait no that can’t be right. Uh i always get it wrong. Well I didn’t know why i was trying to figure it out. I had it. It was there… So I ate it. When I went out to see how it was going for my friend Rebecca with the curse(oh by the way my friend Rebecca was cursed and turned in to a cat by the Egyptians). It was the usual Rebecca hunching over a spell book trying to find a way to reverse the curse. Oh that rhymes. Reverse the curse. Reverse the curse. Catchy. Anyway of course Coco was Following me. I think she loves me. Either that or she has a problem. So anyway this is basically my life (other than the ice cream surprise). I live in a jungle with my mom Julie. And if you didn’t know I am a giraffe.

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