Story by Saanvi Peri 11 yrs old


Hanna Carver Detective/spy here. You probably never heard of me. I work for a secret organization that was built off of a very famous law enforcement agency. My life is pretty normal – usually. There was this new case that showed up and it was very – strange like something was out of order. In this case in the beginning no one did anything and nothing was stolen. That was the usual. This was different. 


                                                      Chapter 1

 There was a book written in a language that nobody could ever unpuzzle in the last 500 or so years. People from all over the world came to try but nobody could solve it.They say only one man knew When the book was discovered there was a letter that said at the time the book was unsolved there would be a secret message revealing a fortune. 


The book was first kept in glass case displayed at the National Inheritance Hall. When the tragic closing of the museum happened it got moved to the Royal Vault of History. Then one night the watch guard who guarded the book fell asleep (he would not admit it, although we did see it on the cam). He was fired. 


The next morning there was a book in the place of the original that looked exactly like the unsolved one. Except it was completely in English. The original book was worth at least $3,000,000. The cover of the book was so priceless. It was made with a material that no one has found in Everyone was panicking. Especially my boss. No alarm went off because both books weighed exactly the same. I told him that at least the book was solved but that didn’t really help. There were no fingerprints, no objects left behind, no forensic evidence at all. Just one little note. 


It read : 

This book in my hands does what does not

Now it’s not yours and will be kept where it’s hot

If you can solve this riddle

You’ll find it in the middle

When you realize that what grows does not


                                                   Chapter 2

I was ready to catch this burglar fool guy. So I thought a lot about the note and realized that the equator was hot and in the middle but then i realized that the middle could mean the middle of the hot place. This was going to be tough.


The next day the burglar returned but by the time the police arrived he was gone. The new guard recalled him as a tall lanky guy but he was wearing a mask. He said that the crook just left the note and ran away. It also seemed as if he was looking for something.

He left another note:

The book is in this continent, this country, this state 

Now abroad overseas but not where you thought( /think it had to rhyme)

You have two more days left to find it or not

Otherwise see you! 


“Oh no,” I thought. If I don’t find that book in 2 days the burglar and his gang are probably going to take it to another country. I decided to take a look inside the book. Since it was a copy of the original, it had the same information. I found out it was an original because it had some of the priceless stuff on it but not as much as the unsolved copy which explained why the burglar wanted the book.


While I was wondering where I put my I found a page explaining what to do if the book was stolen. “HaHaa!” I thought “the burglar didn’t think of that!” 

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