Corona virus solution?

If I could create one machine to help with the corona virus crisis it would be a machine that could quickly and efficiently transport masks to doctors who are in need in the USA. Since this machine will need a lot of energy, I think each country should make their own.


One of the big problems is that the corona virus spreads very fast and so the doctors who have been warning everybody for quite awhile are mostly the ones getting affected. Doctors are  getting affected in many different ways. For example, because of the fear that they might have COVID19, doctors are staying away from their family which can be very stressful and lonely. I think that my machine would be a good idea because it helps doctors by making their jobs easier without having to risk their life. 


To solve this problem, I will create this machine by spreading out nuclear fission in order to create a lot of energy for a long period of time so that my machine could reach everywhere including the areas that are missed and are getting hit hard. I will create the masks that my machine will carry by combining  fluorinated polyurethane and fluorodecyl polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane so that they will be everything proof.


In conclusion, I think that it is a good idea to create a machine that can rapidly transport masks that are everything proof to doctors in a time where they are very much useful so that doctors can protect themselves and their families.


By : Saanvi Peri 

6th grade 


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